Floor & Foot Care

Leave bacteria at the door and halt contamination in its tracks with SanSmart’s cost-effective floor and foot care products, including Tacky Mats and Industrial Foot Baths. SanSmart’s range is a step above standard solutions, ensuring your business meets its compliance requirements while keeping contaminants from reaching important food processing or production areas.

  • Hi Wall Footbath

    Heavy Duty Hi Wall Footbath

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  • Standard Footbath

    Standard Rubber Footbath

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  • Tacky Mat

    Tacky Mats

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More on SanSmart Foot & Floor Care Products

Proper workplace hygiene may start with foaming soaps, dispensers, and clean hands, but it doesn’t end there. Food preparation and processing, hospital surgical areas, science labs, and critical manufacturing environments are just as susceptible to dust, dirt, and other contaminants carried through the workplace via footwear.

Easy to install and even easier to operate – simply walk on or through them without breaking stride – Tacky Mats as well as Standard and Hi Wall Foot Baths are the go-to solution for these environments, eliminating dust, sediment, and debris that would otherwise be tracked into sensitive environments. The former’s adhesive surface easily cleans footwear of debris, and the latter’s dual action scrubs the soles of shoes while sanitising with a disinfectant solution which eliminates bacteria. It’s perfect when deeper, more extensive cleaning is required.