Commercial & Industrial Hand Sanitisers And Sprays

Does your business operate in the Dairy, Meat, or Food Processing industry where dirty hands or poor hygiene could put your operation at risk? Then look no further than SanSmart's collection of hand hygiene sanitisers. SanSmart's range of commercial sanitisation products include instant mist sprays and foaming soap refill bottles (with soap dispenser options) that effectively combat viruses, pathogens, and other microbes to ensure clean hands in every environment with a low total cost per wash.

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  • SmartSan instant mist hand sanitiser with moisturizer

    Smart San Instant Mist Hand Sanitiser

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  • Smart San Foaming Soap Group

    Smart San Antibacterial Foaming Soap

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More on SanSmart Hand Hygiene & Sanitisers

Conventional handwashing remains one of the most effective methods for combating the spread of bacteria and germs, but SanSmart’s no-fragrance, no-stick residue hand sanitisers go a step beyond to ensure bacteria and germs are killed in seconds. This includes hard-to-reach areas of the hand that are usually missed!

SanSmart’s hygiene products change the way food handling is practiced. This includes a selection of Mist Sanitisers, which are food grade approved, waterless alcohol based sprays that are ideal for all food areas, as well as antibacterial foaming soap, which boasts a thick lather that provides excellent coverage and super cleaning characteristics.

It’s also environmentally safe, soft on your hands, and meets national and international guidelines for products used in food areas.