Commercial & Industrial Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

Hand hygiene is key to controlling the spread of pathogens, but it can be difficult to manage when hands spend all day touching surfaces, taps, or standard soap dispensers. SanSmart’s range of commercial dispenser stands, wall mounted foaming soap dispensers, stainless steel dispensers, and sensor activated, no-touch dispenser machines alleviate these issues, offering increased compliance and reduced costs while eliminating the possibility of cross contamination found with many conventional soap dispenser stations.

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  • 9000 Dispenser range of Instant Mist Hand Sanitiser and Smart San Foaming Soap.

    9000 Dispenser Range

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  • 3L Stainless Steel instant mist hand sanitiser dispenser

    3L Stainless Steel Dispensers

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  • No touch hand sanitiser and soap dispenser

    No Touch Hand Sanitiser / Soap Dispenser

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  • IS-9000 Dispenser Stand

    Adjustable Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Stand

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More on SanSmart Soap Dispensers

40-50% of pathogens enter the body via the nails, cuticles, creases, and crevices of the hand, which just so happen to be the exact areas most frequently missed during hand washing.

SanSmart’s automatic hand sanitiser and soap dispensers are specially designed to administer antiseptic to these areas. Especially where there’s limited access to sinks or at passing points where hand sanitation is required.

These hands free, no touch dispensers use an infrared sensor to detect the user’s hands, discharging a pre-measured application of atomised sanitiser spray for the consistent reduction of bacteria and guaranteeing clean, hygienic hands each and every time.

The disposable bottle system also directly addresses contamination risks, while the ready to use bottle system shortens bottle replacement time with support for both foaming soap and instant mist sanitisers.

SanSmart has versatile options that suit almost every environment. Adjustable, manual dispensers don’t require power, which means they can be installed almost anywhere, while the low profile wall mounted design ensures hallways and other tight spaces remain unobstructed. Tough, durable, and wall mountable, they’re ideal for harsh wet or dry industrial environments like food processing and manufacturing.