Surface & Food Contact Sanitisers

Kitchen counters and other surfaces used for food processing are often home to a multitude of pathogens and bacteria, which isn’t great for business! To combat this, SanSmart’s range of direct food contact surface approved sanitisers and hygiene products are an effective solution for decreasing pathogen and bacteria levels on all surfaces.

  • SmartSan surface sanitising wipes for food and non food contact surfaces

    Smart San D2 Surface Sanitiser

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  • SmartSan Surface Sanitiser for food and non food contact surfaces

    Smart San 70/30 Surface Sanitiser

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  • Tacky Roll Mop

    Tacky Roll Mop

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  • Kerri Klean Microbe Guard Food Service Towel

    Kerri Klean Microbe Guard Towels

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More on SanSmart Surface Sanitisers

Quickly and easily eliminate 99.999% of detectable pathogens and safeguard the health of your company in more ways than one with SanSmart.

Businesses operating within food processing industries require sanitary food processing facilities and surfaces in order to maintain the quality of their finished products. If you’re one of these many businesses in search of a sanitisation solution, then you need look no further than SanSmart.

SanSmart are the smart choice for those looking to sanitise food processing surfaces and preparation equipment, with a range of products that are effective against the likes of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, and Virio cholerae. They’re the ideal solution for packaging areas, scales, belts, display cases, stainless steel, cash registers, dry ingredients areas, freezers, and other water sensitive equipment.

The range includes D2 Surface Sanitiser, which is a rapid kill, no-rinse evaporative spray specially designed for food contact surfaces. Combining the power of isopropyl alcohol and powerful quaternary ammonium compound, D2 is ideal in water sensitive areas. It boasts a 60 second dwell time, with no rinsing required. Tacky rolls make picking up contaminants from hard to reach areas easy, whilefood service towels are specially designed for long-term, effective control of odour causing organisms.