Optimum 4000 & Restorator Cartridges

Product Description

Using a compound of natural essential oils, this unique dry vapour neutralising technique has proven to successfully treat the most difficult of odours.  The non-toxic cartridge is sealed for easy use, eliminating problems associated with gels, liquids and sprays.  Available in standard out put strength.  The spill proof cartridges are easily replaced and last at least 3 – 4 months in typical use.

Applications include

  • Disaster recovery
  • Pet Care
  • Real Estate
  • Hospitality
  • Automotive
  • Garbage Areas
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing

The 3x more powerful patented essential oil membrane is used in the Restorator to release a non-toxic odour neutralising dry vapour into the air.  This penetrating vapour rapidly controls and eliminates bad odours from smoke, food and biological odours more effectively and quickly than the previous cartridge available.

Cartridges available:

Optimum 4000 Cartidges:

Neutral.  Code – 90-4090.
Neutral High Output.  Code – 90-4120.
Lemon High Output.  Code – 90-4120-05.
Potpourri High Output.  Code – 90-4120-10.
Lavender High Output.  Code – 90-4120-50.

Restorator Cartridges:

Restorator High Output Refill Cartridge.  Code – 90-5150.
Industrial Cartridge.  Code – 90-5150-85.